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Istanbul home to millions and one of the most beautiful cities in the world has the feature of providing important opportunities in terms of cultural, social, and business life, it provides many opportunities for the city residents as well as in the public transportation sector too.

According to a recent study the number of people using public transportation reached around 1.7 Billion people. The public transportation infrastructure helped decrease traffic in the city by 13%, Major municipalities in the city plan to expand the public transportation infrastructure to lessen the traffic even more.

Istanbul’s massive public transport network includes land vehicles such as buses, minibuses, metro bus, and taxis; railway systems such as metros, trams, Marmaray, and funiculars; air passages such as cable cars and sea transportation vehicles such as sea buses and ferries.

Transportation by Bus

Although the most economic option, many people decided to turn buses down due to the fact that they are usually always overcrowded and it is very difficult to catch their hours.

Transportation by Metro Buses

The most preferred way of transportation to many, covering a special line between the Asian side and the European side. The certainty of the starting and ending points and the rapid transportation provided are the main reasons for this preference.

Transportation by Taxi

When compared to other European countries, taxis in Turkey are cheaper. Taxis are located all over the city and you can easily find one within seconds. Taxis charge 3 Turkish liras per Km and 5 Turkish Lira as the base price, keep in mind that the minimum price for a ride is 13 Turkish Lira.

Transportation by Metro

Rail systems are the most useful way to travel in Istanbul because they have a wide network and head to important destinations serving both Europe and Asia. Metro is also an efficient way of travel as its prices are usually not too high. The starting and destination points of the most important metro lines are as follows

1- Aksaray to Ataturk Airport to Kirazli (M1 line)
2- Haciosman to Yenikapi (M2 line)
3- Kirazli to Olympic, Basaksehir (M3 line) on the European side

4- Kadikoy to Tavşantepe (M4 line)
5- Uskudar to Yamanevler (M5 line) on the Asian Side

Transportation by Tram

The tram lines are the fastest way to travel above ground, also they serve in the most popular destinations in Istanbul. It has become the most preferred transportation vehicle for tourists. Some of the tram lines are as follows;

  • Bagcilar to Kabatas (T1 line) (Eminönü and Sultanahmet)
    • Topkapi to Masjid al-Salam (T4 line)
    • Two nostalgic trams run between Taksim and Tunel (T2 line) on the European side
    • Kadikoy to Moda (T3 line) (goes through Bahariye Street) on the Asian Side

Transportation by Ferry and Sea Bus

Sea transportation is also a preferred transportation method for the people of 1Istanbul because it provides a fast transition between the two sides without a traffic problem. There are also some internal trips and Bosphorus tours that you can use for pleasure trips. The double-sided routes of ferry and sea bus services you may need in daily life are as follows;

  • Kadikoy to Eminonu to Karakoy
    • Uskudar to Eminonu
    • Kadikoy to Besiktas
    • Halic line
    • Bostanci to Karakoy to Kabatas
    • Bostanci to Besiktas
    • Bostanci to Kadikoy to Yenikapi to Bakirkoy

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