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About G5 Real Estate


Our independent status allows us to create bespoke marketing strategies that are tailored to match your specific circumstances, whether your selling, letting, renting or buying, we don’t believe ‘one-size-fits-all!.

Alongside our dedicated and knowledgeable team, G5 Real Estate has worked exceptionally hard to build a strong reputation as a trustworthy and reliable agency. Priding ourselves on our traditional enthusiasm and work ethic, G5 Real Estate are confident that we offer a service second to none. This has been the foundation of our success and the main reason our clients recommend G5 Real Estate to family and friends.

With technology being a major theme in most businesses worldwide, G5 Real Estate has embraced it. We have links to all major property portals to ensure we achieve the widest and best marketing exposure for our clients. G5 Real Estate is committed to providing each of our clients with relevant and reliable information using our knowledge, professionalism and integrity helping them keep ahead of Turkish’s fast-paced property market

Residential sales and lettings are only part of our offering, our other services include Commercial, Survey, Free Valuation, Planning, and Management Advice, We can even help with your mortgage.

The G5 Real Estate commitment to our Landlords, Sellers, Buyers and Tenants alike, is to not just to offer the best service and value for money – but to deliver it.

Entrust us with your property requirements and we will surpass all your expectations.


These are the values that we live and work by when it comes to the business of real estate.

This is our commitment to YOU!!

Client-Centered: Each real estate transaction is centered around this fact: It is your transaction, your money, your property, and your decision. Our job is to facilitate, assist, and advise you through the completed sale or purchase of your property. Our job is done when your goals are met.

Client-First: Putting the client first can sound “cliché” and unoriginal, and it is hard to believe that when push comes to shove, somebody else will truly place your needs above their own. We are committed to just that. We are convinced the most consistent mark of success for any company is the degree of satisfaction of their clients. This is the foundation for our “no pressure” approach. Our clients come before our commission EVERY time.

Honesty: At the heart of all quality and lasting business relationships is TRUST. Honesty and integrity are necessary to establish trust and develop successful business relationships. Above all, we are committed to integrity and honesty in all our dealings, transactions and relationships. We consider it
more than just our legal fiduciary duty to deal honestly with all parties, but also a moral obligation as well.

Knowledgeable: There is an incredible amount of information and knowledge that is relevant to the real estate industry. We aim to be your industry expert, equipping you with what you need to know to get the results you want for your investments. We also understand that no single individual can know everything there is to know about real estate. We promise to be honest about what we know and what we don’t know and will be committed to finding the answers to your questions.

Creative Negotiating: Negotiating is the process of using our position effectively and responsibly to obtain the outcome that best meets your goals. It is as much about creativity and communication as it is about leverage. Drawing from the daily negotiating experiences of running our own successful company before becoming a real estate agent, we will employ these skills on your behalf and for your best interest.

Professional: Admittedly, one of the challenges of all realtors is balancing both the personal and professional needs of the client. It is easy to lean too heavily toward one side. That is why many agents are likable and kind but lack the professionalism and business savvy to appropriately serve their clients. Likewise, some may be financial and business “gurus,” but lack the personal skills or integrity to understand and serve their clients well. I believe at the heart of a successful agency relationship is understanding all the needs of the client, combining expertise and professionalism with a genuine understanding and relationship with each client. In short, quality professional services are best provided within an authentic and genuine relationship.

Communication: No other skill is as important to the success of our transactions as quality communication. We understand that in the ever-increasing complexities of real estate transactions, it can be a bit “nerve-racking” to walk through such a big investment (often the biggest investment most people make in their lives). Clear communication will help you feel comfortable with the process and more confident in your decisions. Successful communication begins with good listening. We are committed to listening well – seeking to understand all concerns, desires, strategies, and input you may have. Whether you are a first-time buyer or well-seasoned in real estate investment, we are happy to meet your communication needs, walking you through each step of the process. Furthermore, communication will never happen if the parties involved cannot be reached. We promise to return communication promptly and be available by phone, email, text and in person.

Hard-working: Sometimes, the difference between a transaction that closes and a transaction that falls apart is the diligence and hard work of those involved. We commit to being proactive, consistent, persistent, and diligent as we work for you and the sale or purchase of your property. There are a few problems that creativity and tenacity can’t overcome.

Our Measure of Success: Simply, we succeed at our job when our clients are happy with the property, the price, and the services we provide before, during and after the transaction. We consider your satisfaction to be the measurement of our success. To accomplish this, we seek to live by the values described above. This is our commitment to YOU!!