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Avcilar surrounded by both sea and lake is located on the European side of Istanbul, and neighbors the town of Küçükçekmece, placed on the beautiful Marmara Sea.

In the 1950s, it was a small village town, with Arminian, Greek, and Turkish residents, with small one-story houses and with much open space, many people had work related to fishing activities to make a living. Today the case has totally changed, major industries and big firms started to appear, and the locals suddenly wanted to join with them.

Avcilar now is a big district in Istanbul, and there has been a great amount of Industrial and urban development in Avcilar, industrial spaces started to show especially around the port and city of Firuzkoy, there was a time where the seaport was an escape from the busy city life to many locals, but now it has become one of the busiest ports linking the road to Europe, with much traffic coming in and out of it.

Due to its easy accessibility; Avcilar can be easily reached 24/7 by metro-bus, and public transportation, this made foreign and local Real Estate investors able to buy Real Estate that is affordable and easily accessible. By bus Avcilar is 50 minutes away from the city center.

The center of Avcilar district and the inland villages are much more developed than the coastal areas. They have somewhat of more expensive residential properties that belong to the city’s upper and middle classes. The center of Avcilar holds many outings, such as cafes, restaurants, pubs, parks, and water parks, giving its residents many choices of activities to choose from. A popular sight in Avcilar is merchants selling goods along the sidewalks of narrow streets; this is mostly a common sight during the day, and they usually sell beautiful handcrafts at a bargain. At night, the area’s bars and pubs come alive with young people hanging and enjoying themselves with traditional Turkish music.

Avcılar has a remarkably interesting museum located on the seaside, on the west of the fast-ferry pier. You can find a copy of Atatürk’s house in Thessaloniki where he was born. You can also find the building models of houses where Sivas and Erzurum Conferences organized by Atatürk were being hosted. These two important conferences held just before the Turkish War of Independence is essential to Turkish history as main decisions made and aim discussed during them. Being visited by over 30.000 people per year, Atatürk’s House museum is a popular place to visit if you are into history, art, and architecture.

Avcilar has a day in history that will never be forgotten by all of Turkey, the unfortunate night of the 17th of August 1999. An earthquake struck the district and destroyed many of its houses, this was because of bad construction works of greedy contractors, many died under the wreckage, and hundreds of homes were destroyed after the earthquake struck Avcilar looked like and empty warzone.

Today as new projects are being built, Avcılar is known as a zone for Real Estate investment, the district is once more gaining value due to big urban transformation. A lot of modern housing complexes are being built today all of which offer a luxurious lifestyle. With the help of the government, Avcılar recovered itself amazingly fast causing economic, social, and cultural life to change completely.


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