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The Basin Express was once an unheard-of location in Istanbul, today The Basin Express is one of Istanbul’s hotspots for international foreign Real Estate investors.

The Basin Express separates Kucukekmecek, from Bagcilar, and it intersects the E5 highway and the D7 highway. The unique location of the Basin Express makes it a favorable to many foreign real estate investors. As Turkey 2023 approaches and the completion of Istanbul’s 3rd airport, the largest airport in the world that will fly travelers to more than 300 destinations worldwide, prices of Real Estate in the Basin Express district will continue to rise, making it an unbelievably valuable place for Real Estate investment.

Within the Basin Express area lays one of Turkey’s largest malls, Mall of Istanbul is located on the Basin Express and it has hundreds of local and international shops to choose from. In the basin express district also, there are a great number of hotels, such as the world Trade Center Hotel and the Wyndham Grand International Hotel. Also, the Basin Express district has an abundance of universities, such as Kultur University and Aydin University.

The CNR Expo Exhibition Center, World Trade Center, İSTOÇ, MASKO Furniture Market and Tekstilkent, which are the cornerstones of Istanbul trade, these are seen by Real Estate Investors as a value to the market, increasing the prices of their properties.

Real estate experts say that the area will have an extreme raise in value soon especially with business offices and residences and for this reason, the Basin Express district will have a very high increase in price, even now, the region has a very high return on investment (ROI) especially in terms of renting residences which made the region the first choice for foreigners to live and work.

Since Istanbul is a city that values time, many locals are relocating to areas where they can work and live in the same place. A lot of young businesspeople prefer not to waste time on transportation, but instead to be more productive in their work. This is one of Basin Express’s advantages; you can have a reformed lifestyle next to many social activities as well as your workspace.

Construction companies that are building commercial and residential property are making sure that the properties are built with the highest standards and the newest technologies, ensuring a lifestyle like no other in Istanbul.

Although the Basin Express district’s success is in full flow, it is not yet complete because mass investment looks to further enhance lifestyles and make this region a prime business and residential area over the next ten years.

The Strategic Plan prepared by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality predicts Basin Express area as the Central Business and Services Area in Istanbul, moreover, experts pointed out that the most prestigious offices and luxury residences will be located at the Basin Express region soon.

To find out more about the projects listed in the Basin Express are feel free to contact us on +90 5550566622 or browse through our website.

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