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When we compare Turkey to other European countries in terms of cost of living, it is much cheaper. In a recent study Turkey was said to be a good 60% cheaper than the United States.

We will discuss the basics in this article and how much it costs in the local currency of Turkish Lira (TL). Starting off with rent a decent one-bedroom apartment in Istanbul will set you back 1,100 to 2,000 TL depending on where in Istanbul, whereas a three-bedroom apartment can start from 3,000 TL, whereas the cost of monthly utilities such as electricity, water, and gas is around 600 to 1,000 TL depending on the size of the apartment. In Turkey, food prices will surprise you as the price of a kilo of beef is 60 and chicken is priced at 20 TL. The price of a loaf of bread is 2.5, a liter of milk is 5.5, and 1 kilo of rice is priced at 10 TL. For a family of three, the average cost of living in Turkey is about 1,200 TL, excluding rent and bills.

As for international schools, tuition varies and tends to be expensive based on local standards, but these schools offer high standards of learning and have smaller class sizes, with less students per class than public schools. International schools have top notch facilities to enhance education, extracurricular activities that help children develop their social skills, freedom of expression, and other such aspects of growth. Boarding facilities are available at some schools, but most only provide day classes. Prices average from 10,000 going up to 45,000 TL. Public schools are free of charge, for both Turkish and Foreign Students.

When it comes to universities in Turkey, the annual tuition of a private university will fall between 30,000 to 130,000 TL. Some of the most popular Universities in Turkey, including Uskudar University fall slightly below that margin, while others, like Sabanci University, fall closer to the upper margin. Students can also consider well-known European and American universities with campuses in the country. Public universities in Turkey on the other hand provide well regarded alternatives to their more expensive counterparts. The annual tuition cost for international students looking to attend schools of this nature, such as Middle East Technical University, which is a public school, range from 1,400 to 8,000 TL  and no, you didn’t read it wrong ( These price was before Covid-19, we couldn’t have an update). Turkey is known for its low-cost, high-quality institutions, which tend to have a higher student body population and closer ties to Turkish ideals, since they are funded by the government.

In general, Turkey is a country with a high-quality life yet low cost but be aware that the average salary in Turkey is 3,200 TL. For foreigners investing in Turkey choosing the right type of investment is crucial and having professionals on your side is certainly an advantage.

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