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Each country has its own rules and regulations, some more extreme than others, foreigners usually ask about these unspoken rules in Turkey. No one wants to embarrass themselves after all, but nevertheless if you happen to make one of these mistakes, do not worry at all Turks will understand that you are neither the first nor the last foreigner to do so. So, let us get on with our short list of things u must do and things not to do while visiting Turkey.

You should never leave a guest’s house early, well at least never before 12 am. Turks will be offended if you leave their homes before midnight, they consider that they didn’t do a good job at hosting the gathering and that’s something surely you want to avoid, instead enjoy every moment at your hosts place, loud laughs, the smell of delicious food and all-around smiles will make you always want to come back for more.

Maintain financial discretion, do not flash around wealth especially in poorer areas of the country, it is considered to be rude and snobby, and makes you a good target for scammers and even thieves. Avoid showing off in Turkey you do not want to be that snob to locals, instead show gratitude for the little gestures the locals make, and you will be a rock star.

Blend into the community, Turks in general are very hospitable, expect sooner or later a knock on the door from your neighbor either for some tea or them bringing you some sort of dish of desert, just remember to return that dish with something you have cooked such as cake or cookies.

Shoes off … when visiting people at their homes always remember to take of your shoes either at the door or just inside even if your host tells you that is its ok to keep them on. this shows a sign of politeness to your guests.

Never show up empty handed, when invited to a house or gathering always bring chocolate, baklava, or flowers with you.

NEVER disrespect the Turkish flag, founder, or Turkey in general, Turks are very passionate about their country and don’t take the matter into ease so just lie of politics and all will be fine.

Never try to pay the bill if you are invited to a restaurant, instead just thank your host and plan to re invite

Blowing your nose at a dinner table is a big no, and if you absolutely must use a toothpick cover your mouth with your other hand where pretty sure other guests don’t want to know what you have picked from your teeth.

Remember to use titles in Turkey, everyone has a title if it’s a man you would use Bey as in John Bey and if it’s a woman, you’re addressing you would follow Hanim after her name as in Amira Hanim.

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