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Esenyurt is a district in Istanbul that is located on the European side, with many new complexes being available in the area. Esenyurt is close to Beylikduzu, and is also becoming a hotspot for investors in the Turkish Real Estate market.

Esenyurt has seen a boom in the construction for large complexes in the past few years, most of them offering a refined lifestyle. With many social facilities, and outdoor spaces, life in these complexes are enjoyed by their owners. Although the projects are refined and complex, this does not mean they are expensive. Esenyurt is a place investor’s see a high quality, for a low cost. Esenyurt when compared to the city center is for a fraction of the price.

Esenyurt became more popular over the past few years because of the new affordable properties that provide a better quality of life. In basics it is luxury on a budget. Many foreign Real Estate investors are taking advantage of the low prices and high quality of life. Nevertheless Esenyurt district is seeing a rise in prices due to its high demand, but when compared to the city center it is still way cheaper.

Esenyurt is home to the Istanbul Esenyurt University , and is close to other major Universities such as Baykent University ,  Fatih UniversityIstanbul Arel UniversityIstanbul University and Istanbul Gelişim University. Also in Esenyurt there are 4 Culture Centers, and many parks giving the districts locals, as well as many malls and shopping centers.

Esenyurt proximity to major highways such as the TEM and E5 is an advantage for the districts locals. Public transportation is widely spread all over the district, making going from and to Esenyurt easy, Metro-Buses operate 24 hours a day making transportation via public means extremely easy.

Esenyurt does not enjoy the green spaces and a coast as Beylikduzu does but nevertheless the Municipality took measures to make sure the quality of life to locals isn’t in any way less than perfect, the, large parks and important environmental and landscape designs are made in this respect so as to satisfy the need for green area.

A list of must visit places, and activities to do in Esenyurt:

  • Esenyurt Culture and Art Center
  • Chocolate Museum
  • Esenyurt Hamsi Fish Festival
  • Spring Festival
  • Esenyurt Festival Festivity Activity
  • Recep Tayyip Erdoğan Park
  • Esenyurt Shopping Festival
  • Independence Festivity

A list of Neighborhoods in Esenyurt:

As Istanbul is the leading city in Turkey for foreign Real estate investment, Esenyurt is on top of the list of districts in Istanbul. Many Arabs are investing in the district of Esenyurt. The high standards of life, and low cost of living make it a hot spot for them as well as other foreigners

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