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Eyüp district located in the city of Istanbul extends from the Golden Horn all the way to the Black Sea. Eyüp is also the name of a prominent neighborhood and former village in the district, located at the confluence of the Kâğıthane and Alibey streams at the head of the Golden Horn. The Eyüp neighborhood is a historically important area, especially for Muslims.

The History of Eyüp

Muslim sources report that several important personalities of early Islam took part in the 674–678 siege, such as Ibn Abbas, Ibn Umar, and Ibn Al-Zubayr. Abu Ayyub Al Ansari eventually emerged as the most prominent among them. According to Muslim tradition, Constantine IV threatened to destroy his tomb, but the Caliph warned that if he did so, the Christians under his rule would suffer. Thus, the tomb was left in peace, and allegedly became a site of veneration by the Byzantines, who prayed there in times of drought. The tomb was “rediscovered” after the Ottoman conquest of Constantinople in 1453 by the dervish Sheikh Ak Shams al-Din, and Sultan Mehmed II (r. 1444–1446, 1451–1481) ordered the construction of a marble tomb and the Eyüp Sultan Mosque adjacent to it. It became a tradition that Ottoman sultans were girt with the Sword of Osman at the Eyüp mosque upon their accession.

From that point on, Eyüp became a sacred place. Relics were displayed in the tomb, including a stone said to bear the footprint of the Prophet Muhammad. More mosques, schools, and fountains were built, and since many Ottoman officials wished to be buried near Abu Ayyub’s resting place, the cemetery became one of Istanbul’s most desirable.

At the height of the Ottoman Empire, Eyüp was one of the most recognized urban areas outside the city walls.

Eyüp Today

In recent years, a thriving market has grown around the mosque selling prayer mats, beads, dates from Saudi Arabia, scented oils, Islamic books, recordings of Koran recitation, and other items. On Fridays, a marching band plays Ottoman military music, giving the area around the mosque a carnival atmosphere with an Islamic twist. In Ramadan, the area in front of the mosque is taken over by large tents where food is served in the evening fast breaking.

Why invest in Eyüp Real Estate Market.

Eyüp is one of Istanbul’s hot spots for tourism; many people are interested to invest in the area due to its popularity. The first thing you need to know when investing in Eyup’s Real Estate market is that it is a medium to long-term investment plan, due to it already being heavily populated. The market has seen some new projects and these projects will increase the value even more of Eyüp district. These new projects offer a more comfortable and modern lifestyle, while some are actually reasonably priced. Also, some of these newer projects will see an increase in their value up to 45%. In short, if you are looking for an investment to a profit of your best option is the new projects.

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