Fun Facts You Didn’t Know About Turkey

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By now we all know that Turkey is a country visited by many, for the foods, malls, historical sights, and beautiful beaches. But you might have not known is turkey has the largest ancient malls. In this article, we will point out some facts you probably didn’t know about.

1. Turkey has the largest tea consumption per person.

Turks take their tea very seriously, almost 96 percent of Turkey’s population drinks a cup of tea daily, and the average person in Turkey consumes 3 kilograms of tea per year. Quick advice for foreigners visiting Turkey for the first time, never refuse a cup of tea from a Turk, instead, enjoy your cup and once done if you don’t feel like seconds, place your spoon over your cup, that way they will know you have had enough.

2. The Inventors of Kebab.

Turkey is most known internationally for its Donor Kebab, but in fact, Turkey has dozens of other Kebabs. Surely Turks do make the best kebabs. Make sure you try The Iskender Kebab when visiting Turkey.

3. Oil Wrestling.

Oil wrestling is Turkey’s national sport, as cricket is to India. Wrestlers cover their entire bodies with oil, before having a go at each other. Many Turks enjoy this sport. No harm is usually done and all the matches are friendly ones.

4. Istanbul is the only city placed on 2 continents.

The majority of Istanbul lies on the Asian side, but the newer areas that have become more popular over time especially to foreigners are placed on the European side.

5. Europeans have Turkey to thank for Coffee.

Coffee was introduced to Europe in the 16th century by Turks.

6. Turkey is the Largest Hazelnuts Producer.

These nuts are loaded with vitamins and minerals that are important to the human body.

7. Ankara is the Capital of Turkey.

Many confuse Istanbul to be the capital of Turkey. The confusion may be from Istanbul being the largest city in Turkey.

8. Mosques are everywhere.

Turkey is home to more than 82,000 Mosques, many dating back to the Ottoman Empire. The most recent addition is the famous Hagia Sophia museum which now is a mosque.

9. Turks didn’t have Surnames.

Up until the early 30s, Turks didn’t have a surname. It was made mandatory by law in 1934.

10. The evil eye amulet is the most bought souvenir by foreigners.

The tradition of making this type of glass art with the evil eye is said to go back at least 3000 years.

11. Heavy Social media network users.

Turkey has the 7th largest number of social media network users in the world despite the fact that the country is only the 37th largest country in the world with around 80,8 million inhabitants.

12. Divorce over coffee.

A few hundred years back, Turkish women could legally divorce their husbands if they didn’t provide them with enough coffee

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