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Over the past years Turkeys Health Care sector has shown serious improvements, making Turkey way more advanced than any of its neighboring countries. Turkey is currently recognized as the leader in health care provider to many foreigners since the prices are much cheaper than any other European and Middle Eastern country and is just as advanced or even more advanced in standards.

When we compare Turkey with Germany, United Kingdom and the United States of America, Turkey is a strong competitor in terms of both the price and quality of health care. In a small comparison a heart bypass surgery will cost one hundred and thirty thousand Dollars in the United States of America, 30 thousand Dollars in the United Kingdom, and 20 thousand Dollars in Germany but only 12 thousand dollars in Turkey. Do not let the low prices fool you, most of Turkey’s hospitals are well equipped with the latest medical technology as well as a highly trained staff of doctors and nurses. Turkey has proven itself to be well worth it in the field of medical care. Already there are 60 international medical schools training Turks and foreign medical students, making sure they reach international certification standard. Also Situated in Turkey are many major pharmaceutical companies such as Pfizer and Glaxo-Smith-Kline, who chose Turkey to be their export central and manufacturing base as well as tons local manufacturers, who have medicines for almost all known disease.

As for Health care for expats and foreigners in Turkey, both public and private health care providers are exceptionally good and are universally accessible to expats while also being highly affordable when compared to those of other countries. Most foreigners choose Turkey for their medical attention because of its high standards and low prices.

Public hospitals offer ambulance and walk in emergency treatment to expats as to Turks, but admission fees may vary, although the treatment is generally high in quality you may be put down by the fact that no English is spoken and the buildings are pretty old when compared to private hospitals but the quality is never compromised, all public hospitals are equipped with the latest medical technology and the staff are well trained to handle all medical situations. Private hospitals on the other hand have more modern buildings, staff that might speak other languages, but for sure have higher fees, nothing to worry about when comparing the prices of private medical care in other countries.

If you’re planning to come to Turkey for medical treatment, you’re not mistaken. Turkey has proved itself over the years that it is a well-respected destination for all those seeking medical attention, there are over 600 private hospitals providing full services to foreigners.

Turkey has become one of the most recognized Health care providers in the region, its low cost and high quality has shown serious competition with even the U.S. All health care institutes have the latest technologies. If you are going to get health care treatment in Turkey rest assure you will be receiving the best in the region in Turkey.

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