Alya Mercan was built in the new attraction center of Beylikdüzü, where all the possibilities of metropolitan life are located in a spacious way. It is possible to live a peaceful, calm, and happy life in Istanbul! Choose to live in Beylikdüzü with the privilege of Alya Mercan, live a peaceful life in the most popular place of the city...


Located in the heart of Istanbul and history, every time you look outside your house with a view of the Golden Horn, you will witness peace.


In one of the oldest streets in the central district of Sisli in historical Istanbul. Taksim Palas was developed in a contemporary classic style inspired by the fragrance of history, to provide the opportunity to live or invest in the most desirable area throughout the year for tourists, small families, and students alike, in order for them to obtain all residential services with hotel services, managed by a professional company to operate with the lowest possible cost. In Taksim Palas, the buyer pays the cost of what he needs to use only, from the many facilities available like gymnasiums and entertainment halls alongside the business center and the cleaning services.


Project Summary SUR YAPI ANTALYA is a stand-alone city that combines markets and entertainment facilities in one place in the charming city of Antalya. SUR YAPI ANTALYA is full of green spaces and fresh air for a healthy stay on the outskirts of the Mediterranean coast. SUR YAPI ANTALYA grants you the opportunity to live in an integrated environment that provides the residents with all their...


Own your dream villa in a very wonderful geographical location among the nature in the Büyükçekmece area, a location with a charming view over both the lake and the Marmara Sea. Taraça Palaces, a symbol of luxury and creativity in a place where life is vibrant near the most amazing natural views, there you wake up and open your eyes to the charming Marmara Sea and the Bay of Büyükçekmece lake in front of you.


With its advantageous location at the highest point of the region and a 360-degree Istanbul view that will not be blocked, life comfort at Polat Tower Basın Ekspres is completed with the pleasure of scenery.


Residence Inn by Deluxia is peerless with its unique location and is sought after, with its easy access to the new third Airport, which adds significant value to Residence Inn by Deluxia. Everything you desire is at your disposal at Residence Inn by Deluxia. So much so that you can reach much important shopping, business, and historic landmarks of Istanbul with ease.


Varlik Tower offers a lifetime opportunity and investment option to you in the middle of the new finance and entertainment center of Istanbul. The project steps forward with modern architecture. Varlik Tower consists of 1 block with 130 apartments.


Alize Kapadokya is located in Ataşehir, a region of Istanbul with high investment value, in a position that we can call the center of the center as it is almost adjacent to the transportation, business and entertainment centers, especially the New Istanbul International Financial Center.


Nouvel Maltepe is a family-friendly project that provides its residents with comfort and privacy. In the heart of Istanbul, Nouvel Maltepe, an outstanding residential project where you will live in comfort without breaking the dynamism of life

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