Turkish Citizenship by Investment

Real Estate Investment
Minimum $250,000

  • step 1 – Getting a Tax Registration Number
  • step 2 – Opening a Turkish Bank Account
  • step 3 – Finding the Property
  • step 4 – Buying the Property
  • step 5 – Obtaining the Certificate of Conformity
  • step 6 – Application for Turkish Residency
  • Finally – Application for Turkish Citizenship

Other (More Expensive) Ways to Obtain Citizenship By Investment

  • Purchasing Participation Share of a Real Estate Investment Funds or A Venture Capital Investment Fund Minimum $500,000
  • Depositing Cash in Banks Operating in Turkey Minimum $500,000
  • Purchasing State Dept Instruments Minimum $500,000
  • Providing Employment Minimum of 50 People
  • Fixed Capital Investment Minimum $500,000
  • Applicants are required to purchase a property in Turkey which is worth a minimum of $250,000. This can be fulfilled either by purchasing a single property or multiple properties, with provisions of regulations.
  • Applicants are required to keep the purchased property for at least 3 years. This commitment must be registered as an annotation on the Title Deed and/or on the Notarized Sales Contract.
  • The value of the property will be determined by an official valuation survey done by the authorities that are announced by the Banking Supervision Board. The value of the property must be at least $250,000 in the valuation report.
  • The Property purchase price must be paid to the seller via bank transfer to be supported by bank receipts that prove the transaction is made from the buyer’s account to the seller’s account.
  • The officially declared value of the property must be minimum of $250.000at the time of the Notarized Sales Contract and/or of its ownership transfer at the Land Registry Office
  • Any such property within this scope must not be registered under and foreign real person’s name including the applicant’s spouse or children; properties that have been transferred by the Applicant’s spouse or children after 01.2017are not within the scope of the regulation.
  • In case the property is purchased with a mortgage loan or is subject to mortgage by any means, the mortgage value will be deducted from the value stated in the valuation survey and the remaining amount will be taken into consideration.
  • The application will be sent to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, General Directorate of Population and Citizenship Affairs, Directorate of Foreigners Department, through the Ministry of Environments and Urbanization, Land Registry Office.


            Steps for Turkish Citizenship Application by Real Estate Investment


Getting a Tax Registration Number

  • Tax Registration number can be obtained from any tax office in Turkey.
  • Original Passport and Photos are required.


Opening a Turkish Bank Account

  • Documentation of transactions during the buying stage will be necessary.
  • Passport Original and Tax Registration Number is required.
  • An Official Document (such as Public Utility Bill) shows your current address is required.


Finding the Property

  • Total Value of $250,000 or equivalent Turkish Lira (single or multiple units)
  • Completed or Close Completion
  • Habitation License granted
  • Construction Servitude or Title Deed ready
  • Suitable for Official Valuation Survey


Buying the Property

  • Use Bank Transfer and document the transaction by receipt
  • Get Title Deed Registry and/or Notarized Sales Contract annotated with “Not To Be Sold For 3 Years


Obtaining the Certificate of Conformity

  • Request, Provide Official Valuation Survey
  • Submit the Bank Transfer Receipt
  • Apply to Ministry of Environment and Urbanization.


Application for Turkish Residency

  • Gather the Required Documents
  • Apply to Directorate General of Migration Management


Application for Turkish Citizenship

  • Gather the Required Documents
  • Apply to Directorate General of Migration Management

Facts about The Program

  • Time Condition for all Investments is 3 years.
  • You can be a Turkish citizen with the condition that you can take back all investments along with legal revenues 3 years later.
  • You can sell your property once the required time expires and Turkish Citizenship is granted.
  • Applicant’s spouse and children who are less than 18 years old will also be granted Turkish Citizenship.
  • You don’t have to live in Turkey to participate in the Program.
  • Your Turkish Citizenship will remain throughout your life and your children will be born as Turkish Citizens.
  • You can keep multiple citizenships along with your Turkish Citizenship.

Required Documents

  • Birth Certificate
  • Certificate of Residence
  • Vital Record that shows all family members as the husband, wife and children, Marriage Certificate, Divorce Certificate.
  • If the applicant is widowed, Spouse’s Dead Certificate
  • Health Insurance
  • 12 Biometrics Photos taken on white background
  • Passport
  • Original and Notarized Turkish translation of these documents
  • Power of Attorney
  • Application Forms

Professional Assistance for Turkish Citizenship

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