Types of citizenship Investments

In line with the new regulations of the Turkish immigration law, foreign investors willing to choose one of the mentioned investment requirements are able to obtain Turkish Citizenship together with their family members:

  • Investing in $250,000 as a minimum in Real estate market , either by buying a property or properties
  • Depositing $500.000 USD in cash (or the equal value in Turkish Lira, Euros or other currency) with a condition to keep the money at least for 3 years in any one of the Turkish Banks.
  • fixed capital investment made at a minimum of $500.000 USD (or the equal value in Turkish Liras). This investment should be approved by the Turkish Ministry of Industry and Technology.
  • Turkish Citizenship could be obtained with the purchase of Turkish Government Bonds and Bills of $500.000 USD on the condition to hold them for at least 3 years. This investment should be approved by the Ministry of Treasury and Finance of Turkey.

As shown above, the cheapest way to get Turkish citizenship is through investing in Real Estate, not to mention the choice with the least amount of risk, as properties in Turkey have seen a dramatic rise in value over the past few years. With this said the most favorable option for foreign investors willing to acquire Turkish citizenship is to own property for a sum of $250,000 and keeping them for a minimum of 3 years.

What you will need when applying to Turkish citizenship after investing in any of the above-mentioned choices

  • A new Turkish Tax ID Number
  • Open a bank account in Turkey
  • Issuing of the PoA (Power of Attorney)
  • Depositing the Investment Amounts
  • Finalizing the sale; registration of the property
  • Preparation of the Required Documents
  • Obtaining Turkish PR (Short-term Turkish Residency Permit)
  • Submitting Turkish Citizenship Applications
  • Submitting Fingerprints (biometrics)
  • Collection of new Turkish ID Cards & 10 Year Valid Turkish Passports.

Once the investment is completed, and post-investment works are done, then the acquisition of official Turkish Citizenship status takes formally around 3-4 months at the most. This would be followed by the issuance of new Turkish ID Cards and Turkish Passports for all family members within 1 week only.

For more information about the citizenship feel free to contact us on: 00905550566111

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